Highland Residences - PRICE LIST

Total Contract Price: 533,640.88

Loan Amount: 450,000

Equity: 83,640.88

Reservation fee: 4,000

Net Equity: 79,640.88

Equity 26 months to pay: 3,063.11/month

Purchasing a property in Highland Residences is a wise long-term investment because of its location. Batangas combines rural charm and urban conveniences so it is apt for families who want to get away from densely populated cities and yet be close to the lifestyle amenities they are used to. Batangas is expected to grow further economically, especially since its international seaport in Batangas City is the second largest in the country. This means easier access for more enterprises, both local and global, to set up headquarters and industrial areas. For residents, this means new job opportunities minus the hassle of travelling all the way to the capital city. 

Even if residents prefer to work in the big cities, Batangas is hardly what one may call “out-of-town.” The travel time to Sto. Tomas is almost like the waiting time in traffic in Manila during rush hour. There are various transport options as well, whether one decides to commute or to drive. 

Many city dwellers go to Batangas on long holidays and weekends to relax and unwind. Living in Batangas means going home to a relaxed and laid back environment every day. The easier access to the sea and to nature is good for families, for children and even for those who want to prioritize their health. Constant exposure to pollution can contribute to the deterioration of one’s health—physically, mentally and emotionally. Because Batangas is more elevated and less dense (in terms of people, buildings and cars), the air is cooler. 

Unlike in densely populated cities, property owners in Batangas, particularly in Highland Residences, can get more value for their money. This is especially beneficial for OFWs whose first priority is to secure a home for their families. 

For those looking for their first homes, a unit in Highland Residences is ideal because it is affordable so it can be paid off in a shorter span of time. The units are turned over bare so residents have the freedom to design and fix their homes in the way that is most convenient for their families. 

As an investment, it is best for those who are planning their retirement and looking for a home outside the city. In sum, Highland Residences is a top choice for property buyers who are looking for top value for their money because it is affordable, accessible location-wise, family-friendly and guaranteed high quality by a reputable developer. 


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